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The popular N95 mask that fits your face is recommended for BCP measures.
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Selling protective equipment that can prevent infectious diseases nationwide based in Chiba Prefecture

We sell safety protective equipment that protects the body from dioxin, asbestos, lead, dust, etc. as well as infection control.

Based in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture, we sell protective equipment for safe work in various industries and protective clothing for infection control used in medical institutions.
Until now, it was generally recognized that safety protective equipment such as protective clothing and face shields are not particularly necessary in daily life, but infectious disease epidemics that have never been experienced before and unexpected Disasters are changing the consciousness of many people. We will do our best to respond quickly to such rapid changes in the world and to import and sell safety protective equipment so that many people can carry out their daily lives and operations without anxiety.

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Selling high-quality protective equipment that is effective against daily infections in Chiba Prefecture

Sale of protective equipment that can be used in various situations, including masks

Our products are sold to a wide range of customers from companies to individuals. If you have a large purchase, please call our sales staff. Sales representative (Koji Horiuchi mobile phone 070-6973-1459). If you want to purchase only what you need, please go to our direct sales online shop "Self-infection measures" for a great deal. Please refer to the "Product Introduction" page at the top of our page.

There are BFE and PFE as numerical values to measure the performance of non-woven fabric. BFE is the barrier performance of bacteria, and PFE is the protection performance of dust. In other words, the highest level of fabric is one that does not allow 100% of both BFE and PFE to pass through, but in reality there is no such fabric, so a mask with a value of 99% can be said to have high protection performance.

In-stock items can be shipped the next day if you place an order by the morning. If the quantity is large, we will check with our overseas factory and reply the delivery date.


Selling safety protective equipment that gives you peace of mind based in Narita City


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Sunny Blue Sky Co., Ltd.

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Import and sale of safety protective equipment

Sale of medical equipment


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Infection control products

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Nihon Kohden Co., Ltd.

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We sell infection control items that are particular about quality in Chiba prefecture, and have earned solid support mainly from local customers. It has good access when you come directly to the company, and it is also a feature that anyone can use it with confidence. We are waiting for you with a wide range of products such as masks for blocking new viruses, as well as protective clothing used for waste treatment.

About us

We sell high quality infection control products.

We specialize in infection control products that are useful in everyday life.

We import and sell high quality protective clothing, masks, face shields, etc. We can provide the best products for those who are looking for safety protective clothing that can withstand the harsh conditions of work and masks that are highly effective against epidemic viruses. People engaged in what kind of protective equipment is needed at construction sites and when using special solvents are known, but for natural disasters and infectious disease epidemics that are almost unpredictable. It is difficult to select and purchase protective equipment that can be expected to be effective. In order to respond to such situations, we are working every day to anticipate every situation and deliver the most suitable products to our customers.
Face guards, which have come to be used by many people engaged in restaurants and hospitality businesses, also have various designs and functions that can be used according to the purpose. For a wide range of customer needs, such as medical masks to protect the respiratory tract from pathogens and chemicals, high-performance masks for general consumers that are easy to use on a daily basis, and protective equipment required for dangerous work sites. We can provide products that can meet your needs.

We sell products from Chiba prefecture that are effective against infections that are attracting attention.

We carry a wide variety of masks, face shields, and safety protective equipment required at various sites, including masks that have become indispensable due to the epidemic of infectious diseases. At work sites where health hazards are expected, it is possible to predict what kind of tools will be needed within the imagination, but it is difficult to take measures against infectious diseases that cannot be predicted when and where they will occur. With the real need for infectious disease prevention around the world, many are worried about what protective equipment is effective and where to get reliable products. ..
In order to alleviate the anxiety of such many people, we have a lineup of high-quality safety protective equipment ordered from reliable domestic and overseas manufacturers, and we are working to deliver it to many people. If you can't find a protective device that you are comfortable with at a nearby mass retailer, or if you are not sure what kind of protective device you need at the moment, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide the most suitable safety protection equipment that our customers want. We also provide safety protective equipment and health equipment necessary for various situations such as construction sites, industries related to industrial waste treatment, and medical sites.